Halina 35X 

This was the first 35mm camera I bought from my place of work in Dundee. A great little camera, solid build and sharp lens. It was my first attempt at learning photography.

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Pentax ME Super

This was my last 35mm film camera which I bought while serving abroad in Germany in 1976-79. I can honestly say this was a superb camera in all respects.

 It got a lot of use and has recorded many slides over the years. I eventually sold it to buy my last Digital SLR. Before even this got sold, to buy my latest camera, a Lumix FZ200

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Olympus Camedia

Eventually, digital cameras took over from film. This was my first of many digital cameras and a good little unit to learn about the new techniques. 

It was not the sharpest lens I have come across in my many years experience, but was nice and compact, easy to slip in to my pocket. Unfortunately with the advent of the smart phone, even the digital camera gets less use. 

In the 1960's I had several jobs in the photographic trade, starting off as a darkroom assistant, processing wet film.

 Moved on to another film processing firm, but with modern equipment which made the job a lot easier.

Moved around several photographic jobs, even did retail and commercial work, before making a career change in 1971, when I enlisted in the Royal Air Force.